Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

In this present era when the number of institutions and students has been increasing manifold, it becomes imperative to implement measures to ensure that the quality in higher education is not sidelined. Also, it is unanimously agreed that the diversity in social, economical background as well as cognitive abilities of the students is to be addressed carefully. In this situation, though the standards of the quality would remain same, the procedure to ensure them would vary from institution to institution. Perhaps, because of this issue of universality of standards of quality and diversity in the inputs, UGC asked the institutions of higher education to establish their own Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) which would devise ways to ensure the standards of quality set by UGC. In our college,IQAC was first constituted under the guidance of Dr Sanjeev Gupta, Associate Professor, Department of Commerce who worked as convener of it. Later, Dr D. N. Malpani, Associate Professor, Department of Commerce IQAC ensured that the faculty members are aware of new happenings in higher education.

The IQAC is sincerely committed to improve the quality of education and delivery system at various fronts. IQAC at the college has started the process to collect feedback from the students so that necessary improvement can be done and delivery mechanism be improved. IQAC has also started the inter faculty dialogue in which each department invites faculty member of the other departments to deliver a talk on a topic of inter-disciplinary nature so that students may get inspiration to see the various facets of the discourse.

Presently, Dr R P Chand , Associate Professor, History Department is working as the convener of the IQAC in the college.

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