पृथ्वी से दूब की कलाएँ लो चार
उषा से हल्दिया तिलक लो
और अपने हाथों में अक्षत लो . पृथ्वी और आकाश
जहाँ कहीं तुम्हें जाना हो

These words of great poet, Trilochan, most powerfully express the feelings of the college towards its alumni. And that these words have been realized by the alumni is evident from the fact that the students have excelled in all walks of life and thus brought laurels to the College.

In order to provide a platform where seniors can come to help their juniors by sharing their own stories of grit and success, lend a helping hand to them by guiding them so that they can realize their true potential, the College invites all the alumni of the college to come to the website, register and share their experiences. The College would also appreciate any other collaborative venture between the College and its alumni to enhance the quality of education and experience at the College and suggestions regarding such collaborative ventures are cordially solicited.

(आशी ; त्रिलोचन)